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Mission Statement

Ruby Lane, an e-commerce web site located at, has been designed to bring buyers and sellers of antiques, art, vintage collectibles and jewelry together online, using the most sophisticated technology available. We have created a process that makes it easy and convenient for non-technical sellers to become a part of the growing trend of Internet retail opportunities. We pride ourselves in our service, ease of use, and reliability for all of Ruby Lane's visitors; finding items quickly and easily is key to our business. Our strategy is to integrate the real world transactions of antiques and collectibles into the Internet's expanding global community. Borders are disappearing and communities are being built in the growing realm of online commerce; Ruby Lane enjoys being an integral and valuable part of the process.

Company Background

Co-founders Tom Johnson" and Jim Wilcoxson established Ruby Lane in January 1998. Prior to that time, both had led distinguished careers, working as top-level programmers for companies that included: IBM, Ford, Silicon Graphics and Platinum Technologies. Both founders exclusively financed Ruby Lane. In September of 2005, Tom Johnson assumed the helm of Ruby Lane, Inc as Jim Wilcoxson departed to pursue other interests."

The impetus for establishing a web site catering to the antiques and collectibles world grew out of Johnson's love of 50's California Pottery (he has complete sets of Franciscan Autumn and Trio), many pieces of which were acquired via the web. Combining these passions with knowledge of the world of high-technology was a natural progression. Following the great retail tradition of naming businesses with a family name (think Bloomingdale's, Neiman-Marcus or Sotheby's), Johnson named the site in honor of his mom, Ruby.


Visitors to are proven prime e-commerce participants. As a group, they are well-educated, have disposable income, and most importantly, they are already comfortable and familiar with buying (and often selling) on the Internet.





Over 2499%



2 or more


24%Under $35,000 58%Over $59,000 35%Over $75,000 19%Over $100,000

Collecting Enthusiast

91%more than 5 years 81%more than 10 years

Online Shopping

45%Both Buy and Sell 48%1-5 hours per week 15%more than 5 hours per week 17%more than 10 hours per week

Purchasing on Ruby Lane

63%$60-$199 per order 90%Feel confident

Site Traffic

Ruby Lane is constantly expanding its reach, attracting new visitors each day. Ruby Lane has a significant presence and an increasing percentage of the marketshare.

*As of January 2021

7.77Page Views/Visit
1,100,000Unique visitors per Month
5:27min Average Stay
1,150,371impressions/month 8,889interactions/month
13-1719% / 81% 18-2421% / 79% 25-3421% / 79% 35-4420% / 80% 45-5417% / 83% 55+   13% / 87% 17%Male 83%Female
1.USA 2.Canada 3.UK 4.Australia 5.Germany