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Candlesticks by Deborah Stratton, 1976 First Edition, 112 pages, 10 x 7 inches, paperback. From the back cover: "Many people would like to collect antiques but are put off by the prices. "Candlesticks" is one title in a series designed to help you begin collecting beautiful but inexpensive objects. Candlesticks make fascinating collections in themselves – and they can be used for their original purpose. In this book both American and European candlesticks are covered in depth; there are candlesticks in Victorian silver, and Venetian glass, in wood, iron, brass, and Wedgwood; there are candlesticks for special use like the seven-branched Menorah, sconces and church candlesticks, and many more. The 19th and early 20th centuries provide most of the examples, but early wooden and iron candlesticks with their candle holders are included in order to place the candlestick as a means of lighting in its historical context."
Condition is very good. No rips or tears, bends or folds.


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Candlesticks by Deborah Stratton 1976 First Edition


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