Here is a big and Beautiful doll, this is the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth I. The doll was made by Ravca and she is just wonderful, she stands 36" tall, and her dress looks to be almost as wide. The doll is just wonderful, she is just stunning. The lower half of her body, is some type of board or cone that has cloth sewn over it, supported by stiff wire. The edges of the cone have bent due to age but does nothing in the way of displaying the doll or how she stands. For her to display, once you receive her, you should stuff her underneath with lots of tissue. The doll comes to you with some articles about these type dolls. They were hand sculpted out of papier mache and have painted features and jewels and the clothing is just wonderful, this will demand attention, I have had it only a little while, but every time someone walks into my house, they stop and stare. She is just wonderful. You will love displaying her. She has papier mache hands with her fancy ring, and she has a gorgeous hairstyle all to match the original. She is stunning, if you are looking for something a little different, something with a WOW factor, you will love and treasure her, believe me... if the hubby goes anywhere, I would pull her off, just have to figure out how to hide her and enjoy her.

Here is some history from a fellow Rubylaner, who graciously offered some hints as to the history of this wonderful doll. "They are one of a kind dolls and she is part of a set of seven doll representing the seven Queens of England from Queen Elizabeth I to Queen Elizabeth II . They were made to be displayed during the Coronation of Elizabeth II in London in June 1953 . Queen Elizabeth II did tour the exhibit and viewed the dolls.

Now back to the “one of kinda” doll ; not quite true. I know of two sets . After I got mine a set of all seven was sold all together as one of a kind at a national auction. I know the person who bough it. She was surprised I had a Queen Elizabeth II since she had one two. The person who previously owns it had bought it back in the 1960 from the Ravca. Another set of 6 dolls showed up at a national Convention ( minus Queen Elizabeth II) in the sales room being sold individually. The dealer had recently bought his set directly from Mr Ravca.

Advertising from 1953 documents that a set was on display in London and another one in Canada at the time of the Coronation in June 1953. That two sets by my counting. So not one of a kind dolls as there were two of each Queen. The person who sold off Mr Ravca estate said that the the Ravca kept the London set and used it as promotional through the years. He said the London set was 36 inches and Canada set was 30 inches. All dolls I have seen have been 36 inches. It's hard to references the pictures for identification as to costuming matches as the Ravca Refurbished the dolls through the years. The doll in the picture Mr Ravca sene me was not perfect and not refurbished and when she arrived she was perfect and beautiful and he inclosed a not saying he had touched her up for me and made her beautiful again. Do not know if the person who bought all 7 at auction ever broke hers sets up. All this happened about 30 + years or more ago . That the history."

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Wonderful Queen of England 36" Tall Queen Elizabeth I Ravca STUNNING


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