This is an incredible photograph! This fine Daguerreotype dates to the 19th century, circa 1850 and was likely produced in the USA. Daguerreotypes are highly collectible and one of the most sought after types of photographs. The quality of the image is astonishing considering the photograph was produced 170 years ago!

Daguerreotypes are highly reflective and act like a mirror and can only be viewed at certain angles. They are not designed to be displayed on a shelf like modern photographs. The only way to view a Daguerreotype photograph is by holding a dark background in front of the photograph, effectively using the photograph as a mirror to reflect the dark object in front of it. This takes a bit of patience for those not familiar with this early form of photography.

This 6th plate photograph features a male sitter in three quarter view. In our opinion, the sitter has a striking resemblance to a young John Travolta!

The photograph is missing its outer original case but is a wonderful example of early photography.

Measuring: Width 2.75 inch (7 cm) by height 3 3/8 inch (8.5 cm).

Condition: Paper backing has long since disintegrated with the occasional area of minor undulation to plate.

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19th Century Portrait Daguerreotype Photograph Gentleman John Travolta Likeness C 1850


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