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A very rare find as luster resist pieces were extremely costly and skilled to make. The metal oxides used to give that fantastic mirror effect made luster decoration an expensive luxury.

The actual process was again very time consuming because after initial firing of the clay body, the transfer would be applied, the item was then fired again at around 700 degrees to harden on the print and fix the color. The pearlware glaze would be applied and another re-firing in the kiln, this time at around 1050 degrees to set the glaze and watch the blue color appear. Then on luster resist pieces the oxide luster glaze would be applied to specific areas, and the entire piece fired again! Any potter will know that every time that you add your piece to the kiln for firing, anything could happen and very often did. Just the minutest air bubble in the clay body might cause a crack or explosion, the clay being too wet or dry might cause a crack, the kiln not being evenly hot might cause a fissure. Therefore firing multiple times increased this risk significantly.

To go to all of this effort for a child’s toy service is remarkable, we have not found another surviving example.

Applying the lustre gave each piece a mirrored effect that mimicked solid silver dinner ware of this period. Imagine each lustred piece glowing by candlelight...the height of luxury to impress one's friends.

Our small soup dish has an all over blue transfer print in the Queen of Sheba Pattern. This pattern featuring the exotic, powerful Queen being attended by servants, shaded under a large parasol whilst walking among tall buildings. This pattern was produced by two known manufacturers at this time: Spode and Minton. Our gut instinct is that it is a Spode piece. We see a very light weight, well potted body. The shape of the soup dish features an elegant indented rim to the dish. No makers mark to the base, as was common at this period on toy dinner services.

Size: 3 3/8 inch diameter (82 mm)

Condition: Good and sound condition, free from cracks, damage or restoration. The silver resist over the glaze has worn in areas from much playing dinner party host with favorite dolls and teddies!!

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Blue, Silver, White

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Antique Toy Dish, Silver Luster Queen of Sheba Pattern, Blue and White Transfer Print


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