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This is a satin art glass vase with a partial mark on the bottom that was Florentine Art Cameo at one time; the mark has been worn away over time. The date is circa 1880.

Glass experts have an ongoing debate as to whether the glass with this mark is Bohemian Czech, imported into the United States to be sold as Phoenix glass, or it was produced by Phoenix glass. I have some pieces in my shop with impasto cameo listed as Phoenix because the shapes and color of the glass match what Phoenix produced during this time period. If the shape and color did not match, I called it Bohemian Czech. Since this specific vase has a partial mark on it that some experts believe might have been used by Phoenix, I will say that it is either Bohemian or American.

The vase is 7 3/8” high and 3 3/8” wide at the upper belly.

The art cameo is a white impasto type of enamel and it shows two flowers on long stems with leaves, along with some smaller foliage. The flowers on the vase are Evening Primrose, and the leaves match along with the flower of how the Evening Primrose looks in real life.

There are two lines of white impasto below the mouth, above the belly and round the base. The lower line of white at the upper belly is missing, worn away with age and handling.

The rim is polished flat.

The pontil is round, indented and smooth. The number 16 is hand enameled in white on the pontil. The mark would have read Florentine on the first line and Art Cameo on the second line. A few letters of Florentine can be seen with a magnifying glass. The two words Art Cameo are mostly intact, maybe missing the “O” at the end.

There are no nicks, chips or cracks. There are few tiny air bubbles. There is a little wear to the finish that makes the glass satin. There are little drops of white impasto on the glass.

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Satin Honey Amber Art Glass Vase 7 3/8” Impasto White Enameled Cameo Evening Primrose c 1890

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