RARE Earliest Vintage 20" Effanbee Dy-Dee Lou Factory Dress Bonnet Tagged

One of the earliest Mold 1 1934 Dy-Dee dresses found and in near PRISTINE condition -- crisp, clean and TAGGED. This little 'number' was a complete surprise when I purchased a boxed 20" Dy-Dee Lou box with the earliest literature (pamphlets), dated diary, white flannel footed pajamas, and the biggest Dy-Dee Esmond blanket I had ever seen, among other items. The dress was stuffed into a corner and not visible in any of the photos when I viewed it for purchase.

But, here it is, and after a gentle laundering it was only then I realized it was tagged (and oh, what a lovely, crisp and clear tag!). The bonnet matches the earliest Dy-Dee fashions from 1934 where the brim can be folded back as was the style back then, OR fanned out to the front to make a particularly fine sun bonnet. The back is of the old style as well, with the 'prairie type' puffed back.

The beautiful BLUE print of the dimity dress I have seen before in the 11" size for both Dy-Dee Ette and Patsy BabyKin. Again, the earliest styling of the 1930's with 'baby style' high gathered waist and a generous crisp white cotton organdy sash to tie in a pretty bow at the back. Includes a slip.

The earliest clothing made for Dy-Dee and distributed in her early 1934 sets are the hardest to find. The pink twill coat sets, and the silk ones are among those as well.

THIS IS MY VERY FAVORITE AND PRIZED DRESS FOR Dy-Dee, and I think it will be yours as well -- to be treasured as part of your fine Effanbee Dy-Dee collection.


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RARE Earliest Vintage 20" Effanbee Dy-Dee Lou Factory Dress Bonnet Tagged


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