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This is a beautifully hand-forged, blacksmith crafted cast iron and wood swivel stool. This piece is even more impressive in person, where you can really appreciate the construction, the patina, and interesting combination of primitive utility and elegance with the forged cast iron affixed to the carefully bent and tapered legs. The screws appear to be from the days when blacksmiths made their own from dies, with the exception of one replacement screw. You can see the hammer marks on the bottom of the large swivel screw, which raises and lowers the seat from 18" to 24".

The construction is masterful. There are 3 pieces of cast iron, 13 pieces of wood (seat, 4 legs, 8 braces), 8 screws, and one large 1" wide 7" long swivel screw. The seat is affixed to a cast iron t with 4 primitive screws attaching the seat on the outer t edges, and attaching to the large swivel screw in the middle. The swivel screw fits through a cast iron saddle that acts like a washer between the seat and the stool base. The third piece of cast iron forms the top of the stool base with 4 curved pieces that form the top of each stool leg, meeting in the middle to form a threaded hole that extends down a 3" collar. The stool seat's swivel screw screws down through the threaded collar. The wood legs attach to the cast iron legs with the other 4 screws and the wood braces act like dowels to further strengthen the stool.

The condition of the stool is used. It's very sturdy and solid, with normal wear and scratches, one deeper 1" gouge on the outside top of the seat, and the imperfections in the cast iron that tell the story of a hand forged antique.

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Black, Brown
United States • American
19th Century
Wood, Cast Iron

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Antique Blacksmith Forged Primitive Swivel Stool


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