Stunning Set of 2 Framed Victorian Prints from Lithograph "La Mode Illustree" by "Leroy Imp.  Paris" - image 1 of 7

These highly collectible prints of a lithograph are part of a series of fashion plates made for La Mode Illustree, a 19th century French fashion magazine. The originals would have been done in the mid 1800s, and these reproductions/reprints were a limited run done around the turn of the century (from what I could learn reading other sources online, they would have been sometime between 1905 and 1920). I found similar single pieces selling upwards of $300-$500 *EACH*, so this is a BARGAIN to get a set at this price!

These ladies are SO elegant with their colorful ruffled dresses. The hues in the pictures are soft but yet brilliant. These would be just a wonderful addition to just about any room or collection! They're not super huge, but just the right size and are a great matching pair. They measure about 10 inches across and 16 inches tall (it's hard to get an exact measurement since they're oval shaped).

The frames are a nice dark walnut color with a gilded inner edge (it is painted, though; not real gold). There are slight rub/scratch areas on the outer edge of the frames as can be seen in the last photo (likely from having been packed away in storage by someone else who didn't wrap them carefully enough). I think that probably wiping the frames down with some Old English furniture oil would totally fix this, but I was leery to do it myself and take the chance of causing any damage to the wood (as it's really very nice).

I will *always* consider reasonable offers, so feel free to make me an offer on this!
Modern European Art
Realist, Romantic, Romanticism, Victorian
French Country
France • French
Early 19th Century

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Stunning Set of 2 Framed Victorian Prints from Lithograph "La Mode Illustree" by "Leroy Imp. Paris"

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