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"I have been painting seriously for somewhere around 35 years, but have only ever sold regionally - most recently, through my gallery on Magazine Street in New Orleans. I am now (thankfully) able to reach a worldwide audience and have sold paintings to collectors in places like London, Madrid and Beirut, which is gratifying to me. So I have begun to reserve some of my work to offer here first. In my paintings, I use a variety of media - nearly always oil and acrylic, but often wax, watercolor pencil, tar and other materials. This series of paintings is primarily about the color, line and surface quality, which have always been my chief interest. The "objects" are mostly something to wrap the paint around. I am as interested in the negative space as the positive, and spend a lot of time on the layering, taking out and covering up, wiping and scraping, modulating color, texture and sheen, to get it where I want it. I have fingers in the paint as often as brushes. Should you have any questions, please leave them here - I really enjoy corresponding with my collectors."

On gallery-wrapped professional deep profile canvas; framing optional.

Acrylic Paint, Canvas, Charcoal, Oil Paint
Abstract, Abstract Expressionist, American Expressionism, American Modern, Contemporary, Contemporary Art, Expressionism, Expressionist, Modern, Modern Art, Modernism
Color, Modern
40" (102 cm)
30" (76 cm)

Guy Lyman Fine Art

Urban Legend (Large Contemporary Abstract Painting), Guy Lyman


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