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Here we have a gorgeous, vintage custom Skinner Knife forged by knifemaker, J.L. Barbee out of Fort Stockton, Texas, USA. This awesome Skinner Knife was likely made sometime in the 1970s or 1980s. The handle material used for this upswept Skinner blade includes a durable Brown Micarta Wood finished with stainless steel and brass pins. The ergonomic feel of the handle and design of this blade are signs that this piece was meant for use, not just to look good. The blade is intended to carve and slice day in and day out while retaining a razor edge, perfect for the farm/ranch hands of Texas.

This mid-sized Skinner Fixed Blade by J.L. Barbee is in excellent condition, with a very healthy tang and hand-sewn customer leather belt sheath. The brown leather belt sheath is a horizontal-access sheath, rather than your average vertical-access sheath. The awesome stainless steel blade still has the original maker's edge to it meaning it's likely never been used and has never been resharpened since it was forged. Add it to your cart today! You won't regret it...

Total Length - 8.75" L
Blade Length - 4" Upswept Blade
Weight - 9.65 ozs.

T-3 - 3/12 - XGRAMM - K0024 - ZV3/22

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J.L. Barbee Custom Skinner Fixed-Blade Knife


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