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This is a vintage 4-blade Case XX medium Congress knife with synthetic yellow handles and silver nickel squared bolsters. The front of the primary Sheepfoot blade is stamped, "Case XX USA". All four blades are made from Chrome Vanadium - an easily resharpened metal alloy commonly used for blades. The large Pen blade, stamped "34052 CV", was originally designed and shaped to cut and sharpen turkey quills for use as ink pens. Today, it still makes a great blade for light-duty work. There's also a small Pen blade for the more medial jobs you encounter. The small Coping blade is unmarked. This is used commonly in carpenter’s knives to scratch lines in wood or other materials. It is also used for carving and whittling.

This awesome folding knife was manufactured in 1998 according to the Case dating system. It is in fantastic condition for its age. All four blades have a lot of snap in them.

This Case pocket knife is new old stock and in excellent condition.

The W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company, more commonly known as the Case Knife Company, can trace its roots back to 1899 when the four Case brothers began manufacturing and selling knives along a wagon train in upstate New York.

W.R. Case’s son, John Russell Case, was a salesman for the company and he was a natural. Soon enough, he began profiting more from selling the knives than his uncles were from making them. They demanded he takes a pay cut or walks away. He chose the latter and began the W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company with his brother-in-law. With Russ’ salesmanship and his brothers' craftsmanship, they thrived.

Case Knife Co. became one of the most well-known and dependable knife manufacturers in the world. So much so that the US Navy bought 81,000 of them to distribute amongst soldiers in WWII, and NASA even fastened a Case M1-Survival Knife to the inside of all Apollo and Gemini space-capsules for manned missions. The point being, Case makes a knife for any and every outdoor job. If you buy a Case knife, you are buying a knife that will last you a lifetime.

Closed Length - 3.63"
T2 - 2/13 - XGMMMQ - ZV

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Silver, Yellow

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Case XX - 4 Blade Medium Congress Knife


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