Up for sale is a beautiful Stipula Novecento Saturno Rollerball pen. The body of this pen was crafted with ebonite rather than acrylic resin. The Ebonite was turned with the aim of crafting a Woodgrain look in the Forrest Green color pattern throughout the body and cap of this Rollerball. The accents of this pen are sterling silver, including the cap bands and pen clip. This is a very exclusive twist-to-use Stipula Rollerball pen. The barrel of this pen is marked, "Stipula - Novecento 2642 - Made in Italy". This pen is in fantastic condition and would make an amazing addition to any Pen Lover's collection. After all, it is a Stipula...

Stipula Pen Company was established in 1973 and originates from Florentine (Florence), Italy. Stipula manufactures distinctive themed pens for all pen collectors - from those collectors just diving into the world of fine writing instruments to those avid collectors who know it’s incredibly difficult to go wrong with a Stipula. Stipula Pen Company uses only the finest materials when it comes to producing their pens. Each pen is aesthetically elegant and individualized. Their name, "Stipula" is a historically traditional term used by the ancient Romans "to show faithfulness to an obligation". Stipula has accepted this obligation to their clientele to produce high-quality pens utilizing ancient themes, techniques, and traditions.

Handmade in Italy

5.52" L x .450" W

T-2 - 1/19 - URMMX - ZV 3/21

Black, Green, Silver

Treasure Hut

Stipula Novecento Saturno Rollerball Pen


    "Where Rarity Is Common"
    Welcome to the Treasure Hut where all Treasure Hunters, Pirates, and Buccaneers will find Treasures to Plunder.


    since 2021