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Antique Chinese Qing Wang Hing & Co. Sterling Silver Tea Caddy c.1890 (9.8oz) (H)5in. x (W)3.5in. An extremely rare and highly coveted Antique that will garner the attention of all whom appreciate the finer things. This exquisite Antique Silver Tea Caddy captures the essence of the Orient, while offering Western appeal, one simply can't help but be impressed. The Antique Tea Caddy is a product of the famed family of Cantonese Silversmith's, the Lo's; whom at or around the year (1854) established Wang Hing & Company. Wang Hing & Company grew to become one of the largest exporters of Silver to the West, supplying companies such as Tiffany & Co. with copious amounts of high quality & ornate Silver. As Wang Hing & Co. grew, the Lo family expanded operations out of Canton and branched into the British Colony of Hong Kong; as well as opening stores in Macao, and Shanghai. Wang Hing & Co. continued to prosper throughout the (19th) & early (20th) Century, until the Japanese invasion of China during (WW2). However, it was the Victorian Era that provided the Company with its most prosperous years. In fact, this particular Tea Caddy is a fine exemplification of such prosperity. As noted, the Tea Caddy is a product of Wang Hing & Co. It has an approximate date of production set at or near the year of (1890), at the Company's flagship, Hong Kong shop. The Tea Caddy is comprised of: thick, heavy, quality, ornate, bright, >[.900+], Sterling, Silver. The content and purity of the Company's Silver ranged between [.900-.980]. The "90" Stamp guarantees a minimum of (90%) Silver was used to create the Antique, and in many cases as high as [.980] Sterling was utilized in production. The Tea Caddy is styled in accordance to a variety of artistic influences; namely that of: Qing, Victorian, and Art Nouveau. We see evidence of such influence via the: embossed, ornate, decorative, floral, pattern, that encircles the Caddy and the top of the Cap. Despite the age of the Antique being (130+) years, it's in a most impressive & noteworthy state of condition. Upon very close examination, there's evidence of slight dimpling around the circumference & seam. However, it's rather inconspicuous and doesn't alter the structural integrity of the Tea Caddy; nor its aesthetics. A hint of Patina aids in illuminating the ornate decor, in turn ensuring optimal optics. As noted, the bottom of the Tea Caddy is Hallmarked & Stamped, offering the Antique true legitimacy and authenticity. This is truly a magnificent Antique Silver Tea Caddy, and should be recognized as such. The Antique Chinese Qing Wang Hing & Co. Sterling Silver Tea Caddy is stored in a: dry, secured, environment, and will without question make for a splendid addition to one's respectable collection of Antique Silver for decorative display.

Creator:Wang Hing;Canton:Hong Kong
Art Nouveau, British Colonial, Chinese Export, Decorative, Qing, Victorian
China • Chinese
Late 19th Century
Canisters, Displays, Holloware, Insulators, Jardinieres, Cache Pots

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Antique Chinese Qing Wang Hing & Co. Sterling Silver Tea Caddy c.1890 (9.8oz)


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