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This Jasperware plaque was made by the German firm Schafer and Vater. It measures approximately 12 ½ by 9 ½ inches which is a rare large size. The background is lite green, a color often used in Schafer and Vater jasperware. The white central scene depicts a minstrel serenading a young lady seated on a bench. Behind the seated lady is another young woman holding a tambourine in her raised hand. A proud looking man, possibly the girls father, stands beside the lady with the tambourine. He is holding a flag or banner in his left hand. The final figure in this scene is the family dog standing next to the father. The details in the scene are nice and the plaque displays well. It does have a couple small brown spots which can be seen in the last picture. Also there is a crack at the top on the left of the hanger. This is highlighted in the last 3 pictures. I do not know for sure but suspect it is a factory flaw. It seems likely that, had it occurred post manufacture there would be some chipping or other sign of the plaque having fallen or been dropped and there is not. Schafer and Vater were in business from 1890-1962. This plaque like dates around the 1920's. The only marks are the numbers 2720 and (33?) impressed into the back. This is a beautiful piece of jasperware to display in a special place.

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Schafer and Vater jasperware plaque


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