NOTE: White triangular patch in lower left corner is sunlight on the rug. There are no patches of discoloration.

I retired from dealing Oriental tribal rugs (and the occasional Navajo) in 2011, but I have a stockpile of leftovers I keep intending to list. This one is small so it’s easy-peasy. At 26.5” (67.31cm) by 24.5”(62.23cm)—measured at narrowest points—it is the perfect size for putting in front of a full-length mirror (it’s a trick that doubles the apparent area of the rug), or at a bedside-table spot, or in front of the sink in a small guest bathroom. OR you can sew a backing on it and turn it into a big throw pillow.
The motif on this is, for what I think are obvious reasons, called an eye dazzler. In finer rugs, the diamonds are woven very tightly and they have many, many points, making for an almost psychedelic effect. This piece is more conservative, while handsome in a way that is classically Navajo.
The rug is not perfectly square, as you can see from my photos, but this is customary for genuine tribal rugs that are hand-woven on portable looms. Its yarn appears to be hand-spun, and a wool-cotton blend. The rug is clean.
This piece has no fringes. It MAY be that it’s a fragment of a rug that was once longer at both ends but it raveled so it was trimmed and hems were sewn, but I rather suspect from its modernity that it was simply woven small and simple for a fast sale to the tourist market. There is an advantage to fringe-less: the rug will not unravel, which is particularly important with a larger, looser weave such as this one has.
This is a fairly recent piece that I would date no earlier than 1980.
DISCLOSURE: I tested the rug’s red for color-fastness and a wet cloth rubbed upon it became pink. This means that to have it cleaned, you will need to take it to a professional and have them first treat the rug with a mordant (a color-setting agent, such as alum, vinegar, or a commercial chemical). Otherwise the red will bleed into the white when washed. I trust Talisman Rug Restoration with my good pieces. They’re more expensive, but Talisman is family-run by wonderful people, AND… they tend to rugs for Christie’s and Sotheby. In short, they’re simply the best. (Google them for info.)
ALSO: the purely-decorative golden-brown yarn that is threaded through the rug’s selvedge is broken on one side. (See photos 5 & 6.) Price has been adjusted accordingly.

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