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"Man from Atlantis" Marvel Comic. Volume 1, Number 2, published in March 1978. "Man from Atlantis" was s a short-lived science fiction/fantasy television series that ran for 13 episodes on the NBC network during the 1977–78 season. The protagonist Mark Harris was believed to be the only surviving citizen of the lost civilization of Atlantis and possessed exceptional abilities, including the ability to breathe underwater and withstand extreme depth pressures, and superhuman strength.

Interior scans are of random pages.

CONDITION - I'm not an expert at comic book grading, but I'm calling the "Fine" to "Very Fine."
- Binding tight; all pages present
- Book is flat
- Minor edge and corner wear
- Interior pages off-white

Shipped carded and boarded.


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Man from Atlantis - No. 2 Mar 1978 - Marvel Comic


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