The Incredible Hulk No. 301  Nov 1984 Marvel Comic - image 1 of 5

"The Incredible Hulk" volume 1, number 301, November 1984 Marvel Comic. Guest-starring Doctor Strange. The Hulk has been banished from the realm of Earth to the mystical crossroads, a place that leads to many pathways but none lead back home. Here the now Bruce Banner free monster will find many gateways to worlds where he can rage till his heart is content without fear of inflicting harm on others nor himself.

Interior scans are of random pages.

CONDITION - I'm not an expert at comic book grading, but I'm calling this one "Fine."
- Binding tight, although a hair off-center; all pages present
- Red overprint "square" at the top of some pages. Does not enter into the graphics
- Minor cover and edge wear
- Off-white pages

Shipped carded and bagged.


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The Incredible Hulk No. 301 Nov 1984 Marvel Comic


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