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Westmoreland Specialty Company grew out of Specialty Glass Company when the business moved from East Liverpool, Ohio to Grapeville, Pennsylvania in the late 1880s. In 1890, the company began producing high-quality glass in pot furnaces at its new factory.

In the early 1900s glass containers holding condiments such as vinegar, mustard, and lemon flavoring were made and distributed by Westmoreland. During the World War I era, the company manufactured a variety of glass candy containers carried by newsstands and dime stores. In 1924, Westmoreland Specialty Company became Westmoreland Glass Company.

This unique mustard container, circa 1905, was created in the image of a county log cabin, with realistic log construction, one window and door with shake roof and large central chimney. The form could have been copied from the EAPG pattern, called Log Cabin. The piece was brushed with brown paint to achieve a natural, weathered appearance. The roof/base was sealed with wax to protect the food contents. When empty the thin membrane at the top of the chimney could be broken out thus creating a coin bank. The log cabin measures 3 5/8" in length, 3 1/8" in width and 4" in height. There are no crack, chips or repairs; the paint is excellent. Another added bonus is that this item has never had the original wax seal broken, so you are also getting a jar of 100+ years old mustard.

Milk Glass
Brown, White
Westmoreland Glass Co.
United States • American

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Westmoreland Specialty Company Milk Glass "Mustard Jar/Coin Bank"


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