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This is one of the new acquisitions of antique hunting in France (the land of the Rooster).

A fantastic cold painted early 20th century Austrian bronze sculpture of a proud standing rooster with beautiful naturalistic colors and sharp hand finished details. Signed: Vienna, Geschutzt.

Geschutzt: referring to the design / model that is 'registered' or protected by copyright. Please note that only the beginning of this word is placed on the item.

Excellent original antique condition. The normal signs of surface wear associated with age.

Weight: 1276 grams.

Dimensions approx :
High: 6.3 inch ( 16 cm)
Deep: 2.16 inch ( 5.5 cm)
Wide: 6.5 inch ( 16.5 cm)

Franz Bergman:
Franz Bergman celebrated for his great attention to detail and beautiful vibrant colors, Franz Xavier Bergman (1861-1936) is arguably the most famous of the Viennese cold-painted bronze artists, taking great pleasure in producing oriental, Arabic bronze and animal subjects including harem. beauties, Arab traders, scribes and warriors and almost every animal subject known at the time.

His father, also Franz Bergman (1838–1894), was a professional hunter (embosser) from Gablonz, Austria who came to Vienna and founded a small bronze factory in 1860. Franz Xavier inherited the company and opened a new foundry in 1900. He created numerous cold-painted (so called because the numerous layers of polychrome paint applied to the bronze were not baked to fix them to the metal) figures.

And yes, back from a other journey to France. This was a roadtrip from a few days but still very interesting. This time skipped Belgium and already arrived and visited France in the afternoon where we looked at some shops. Always a adventure to check the local shops with there dealers, and treasures can still be found. Then we spent the next two days for a other good antique hunt where we found several nice items. Tuesday afternoon it was time to regroup the backside of the car. And after a good walk with our dog Zeuske it was time to drive back. The speeding ticket from the sundayafternoon was already paid and almost forgotten. In the evening late we arrived back in our hometown to unpack.

Thanks for visiting our store, greetings Jolanda and Ben

Greetings Jolanda and Ben and thanks for visiting our store.


La Tresorerie

Huge 6.5" & heavy 1.2kg antique Vienna bronze Austrian cold painted bronze standing Rooster Bergman

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