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This large glass lid went on a decorative glass humidor which would have held cigars. The large knob of the lid reads; F.R. Rice Mercantile Cigar Co. The middle section of the lid has a pressed design. It has a frosted band for a snug fit in a jar that would also have been ground. This is the lid only.

The total height of the lid is about 3 3/8”. The frosted section that fits into the jar measures about 4 9/16” in diameter across the top edge, tapering to about 4 3/8” in diameter and it’s about 1 ½” deep. It is in very nice condition with no damage to the top portion but there are several chips on the bottom edge that fits into the jar.

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F.R. Rice Mercantile Cigar Co. Glass Humidor - Lid Only, No Jar


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