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THE CLEAN STATELY LINES of this European style home are unusual for the Bliss firm that specialized in archetypical American structures. Normally the Bliss architecture is a riot of nooks and crannies and multiple colors. By contrast this stately house relies on simple lines and a few mild colors with discreet decorative graphics.

Although the house is often referred to as ‘Colonial' by virtue of its columns, it is actually more Greek Revival. However, neither classification takes into account the French Mansard roofline. We think that this architectural departure for Bliss which debuted around 1910 is a counterpart to the ‘French Trade’ Gottschalk Deauville House. Both these houses were a departure from their normal styles and were a nod toward the French aesthetic. It is believed the Deauville House was made for French export and this Bliss Mansard House though made in America may have been a competitive counterpart.

UNUSUALLY TALL CEILINGS…This Bliss is a rare one...not just for its Continental manor style but for its unusual 10" tall ceilings. The two front doors which graciously open outward are 5“ tall. They open on a vestibule nearly 3” deep which is a breezeway between the rooms to each side. There is an arched portal in the dividing wall connecting the two rooms. In addition to being 10” tall…each of these two salons measure 7” by 7” square and can be accessed from each side of the house. The high ceilings with their tall windows are extremely elegant and call for the most creative, dramatic and luxurious appointments. How exciting it will be for the future owner to furnish.

IMAGINE A BALLROOM - A SALON - A TEA ROOM...or even a luxurious Boudoir setting for your Mignonettes. We can think of no better accommodations for your precious French and other All Bisques than a setting as elegant as this. Even the most indulged and demanding of your favorite dolls will be delighted.
The set of empty rooms are those of the house offered here. They have the original wall and floor papers. The left side floor paper has some even wear. They say that Napoleon left his boots on. The second set of interior photos are from a previous Bliss Mansard in our shop. These furnished rooms and for display purposes only to stimulate your creativity.

THERE ARE SOME DISCREET DIFFERENCES...between this Bliss French Mansard and the other one previously sold in our shop. This house has built-in front steps giving it greater architectural integrity in contrast to the usual detached wooden steps. Along this same line, the demi-lune window over the portico is cut open and lined with isinglass and curtains instead of the simple lithographed window. Furthermore, the porch and rooftop railings are made of pierced metal instead of the simple lithography. All in all, this version appears to be a house that required more workmanship.

THIS RARE HOUSE...is 17”wide x 10” deep x 22” to top of the removable chimney…19” without it. Elegant and stately, it is a manageable size for your cabinet or shelf size dioramas of Bebes and Fashions or other accessories. The fashions shown are 11" tall. Like our previous one, there is an intimacy to this residence that still recalls all the romance of Malmaison tucked away in the woods outside of Paris.

MARKS: none for this model…but this house is featured in numerous books as well as a Bliss ca:1910 catalog.

CONDITION: Lovely. Bright color and graphics with sound construction. It is light weight and has nearly every bit of the original papers inside and out. The front doors open and close with ease. The side panels of the house are a little warped but close completely. We have had the occasional minor moments of flaked paper discreetly touched up. The isinglass in the downstairs windows has been replaced. Most importantly this house is complete…with the chimney and all four rooftop urns which are usually missing or replaced.

Please Note: Furniture and accessories etc. are for display only. Thank you!


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A Stately and Rare FRENCH MANSARD Dollhouse by BLISS with 10" Ceilings.!


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