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This pair of Cambridge Ebony Black Glass No. 2889 6-1/4 Inch Square Pillar Candlesticks is offered for your consideration. These beautiful and stately column candlesticks are enhanced by the ridge that separates both the base and the candle cup from the column. According to the Glass Candlestick Book, Volume 1, by Felt and Stoer, Cambridge produced these candlesticks with two different undersides, one with rays and one without. Though nearly identical, this pair has one of each. Advertised as “jet black” glass, a faint hint of purple can be seen around the inner edge of the candle cup when held under bright light.

Each is 6-1/4 inches tall with a nearly straight square column that is 7/8-inches at the bottom and 3/4-inches at the top. The square base is 3-1/8 inches on each side, and the candle cup is 1-5/8 inches per side.

Produced by Cambridge Glass from circa 1916 to the early 1920s, and advertised as No. 3010, sold "exclusively" as Ravenware by Geo. Borgfeldt in 1916. There is no mark.

There are manufacturing flaws in the glass, most notably on the candlestick with the rayed base. Near the bottom of the column, there are irregular marks on each of the four sides. Originally, I thought they were sticker residue, but on closer examination, the marks seem to be in the glass itself with tiny raised bumps or bubbles, as though perhaps it was touched before completely cooled or formed. There is also an occasional crease or line, or other irregularities, on both. There are no chips or cracks.

These are a wonderful representation of American glass history and will complement any decor.

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Cambridge Ebony Black Glass No. 2889 6-1/4 Inch Pair Square Pillar Candlesticks

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