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Here is a vintage Gibsons England Teapot with Dark Brown Tortoiseshell Glaze with enameled flowers and gold trim. This wonderful earthenware teapot of red clay has a shiny deep brown/black tortoiseshell glaze decorated with enamel flowers and heavily accented with gold. The front of the teapot has five hand-painted enamel flowers each with five heart-shaped petals, two in blue, two in pink, and one in yellow. The flowers are connected with gold stems. The front design is divided by a gold diagonal line with five horizontal gold lines. The spout and the handle are encrusted with gold, though the handle is worn. The rim and the finial on the top are also gold-covered. The only decoration on the back is the beautiful tortoiseshell glaze. There is a vent hole in the top, and the inside has a strainer spout.

This rounded teapot measures 5 inches high with the lid (4-1/2 inches without) and about 9-inches long across the handle and spout. It is 5-1/2 inches in diameter.

It is marked with the impressed cast-in mark that reads Gibsons England. The "Gibsons England" cast-in mark dates to 1910, though this teapot may be as recent as the 1950s. There is also a hand-painted design mark that may be 6895 with a letter. This is likely in gold, and is unfortunately under an old piece of masking tape used as a personal hand-written label that reads “Great Aunt Lotties from Canada.” I peeled the tape back to photograph the Gibsons mark, but I’m concerned that the tape will pull the gold numerals off with it, so I have left it in place.

There is significant and appropriate wear on the gold, particularly on the thumb rest on the handle, but also around the rim. The gold has chipped off of the front of the spout, leaving the underside of the spout rough. The enameled flower front design is in good shape.

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Gibson’s England Teapot Dark Brown Tortoiseshell Glaze over Red Clay Enameled Flowers and Gold Trim


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