Direct from a Private Villa in St. Tropez, A Magnificent 220pc. Louis XVI French 950 Sterling Silver Flatware Set by Henri Lapparra, "Silversmith to the French Elite", Includes a Magnificent 6 Drawer Carved Mahogany Custom Storage Cabinet and 19 Serving Pieces. Each Individual Piece in this Amazingly Beautiful Set has been Hand Crafted to the Highest of International Standards, Internationally Known Brand, Recognizable Quality, The Ultimate in Luxurious Living and a Very Pragmatic Investment.

This set is in extremely good condition with the original magnificent custom made carved wood storage cabinet and an extra set of serving pieces by Phillipe Berthier - 1845. Each of the main flatware pieces bear the hallmark of the French Government's "Head of the Minerva - 1" Hallmark, certifying a minimum of 950 sterling silver in addition to the Henri Lapparra manufacturer's sterling silver hallmark. The extra serving pieces also bear the hallmark of the French Government's Head of the Minerva-1 in addition to the Phillipe Berthier sterling silver manufacturer's hallmark. The Mother of Pearl handled dessert knives bears the French Government's Head of the Minerva 2 hallmark in addition to the Louis Piault manufacturer's hallmark. There are no monograms on any of the main flatware pieces but the salt spoons and salt cellars have the "SC" monogram. Founded in 1893, the House of Lapparra provides high quality sterling silver flatware and tableware products to the world's elite. The set is of exceptional quality and craftsmanship - check the weights and measures below (all weights and measures approximate):

18 Dinner Knives - Stainless Steel Blades 25.00 cm. 71 grams
18 Dinner Forks 21.50 cm. 90 grams
18 Tablespoons 21.50 cm. 92 grams
12 Dessert Knives - Sterling Silver Blades 20.20 cm. 50 grams
12 Luncheon Knives - Stainless Steel Blades 20.50 cm. 50 grams
12 Luncheon / Dessert Forks 16.70 cm. 46 grams
12 Luncheon / Dessert Spoons 16.70 cm. 40 grams
15 Dessert Knives - Mother of Pearl Handles, Gold Plated Silver Blades 18.70 cm. 28 grams
12 Fish Knives - Sterling Silver Blades 21.20 cm. 60 grams
12 Fish Forks 18.70 cm. 55 grams
12 Custard Spoons - Vermeil Bowls 12.40 cm. 19 grams
12 Teaspoons 12.50 cm. 18 grams
12 Oyster Forks 12.80 cm. 25 grams
12 Coffee Spoons 11.00 cm. 13 grams
12 Ice Cream Spoons - Vermeil Bowls 14.30 cm. 24 grams
2 Salt Spoons in Vermeil 8.50 cm. 10 grams
2 Double Salt Cellars - Vermeil Interiors 10.00 cm. 125 grams
1 Small Individual Tart Server 13.50 cm. 37 grams
1 Small Berry Serving Spoon 14.50 cm. 40 grams
1 Salad Serving Fork - Vermeil Prongs 26.00 cm. 123 grams
1 Salad Serving Spoon - Vermeil Bowl 26.00 cm. 127 grams
1 Large Ice Cream Server - Vermeil Blade 24.30 cm. 85 grams
1 Cheese Serving Knife - Stainless Steel Blade 20.00 cm. 51 grams
1 Large Meat Serving Fork - Silver Prongs 29.00 cm. 211 grams
1 Large Salad Serving Fork - Ivorine Prongs 27.50 cm. 64 grams
1 Large Salad Serving Spoon - Ivorine Bowl 27.00 cm. 69 grams
1 Large Cake / Pie Serving Knife - Sterling Silver Blade 32.00 cm. 161 grams
1 Small 'bonbon' Serving Fork - Sterling Silver Prongs 18.50 cm. 40 grams
1 Small 'bonbon' Server - Sterling Silver Blade 18.00 cm. 42 grams
1 Small Berry Serving Spoon - Sterling Silver Bowl 18.00 cm. 43 grams
1 Small Dessert Serving Scoop - Sterling Silver Bowl 18.00 cm. 43 grams
1 Large Meat Serving Knife - Acier Blade 32.50 cm. 123 grams

Gold, Silver
Napoleon III
France • French
Early 20th Century

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Lapparra 220pc. Antique French 950 Sterling Silver Flatware Set + Carved Mahogany Storage Chest


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